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2008: Economic tolerance: Thoughts on the current economic crisis:

Economic Tolerance

We would not accept if 10% of all cars would suddenly stop;

We would not accpet if 10% of all airplanes would suddenly crash;

We would not accept if 10% of all gas rafineries would suddenly explode;

We would not accept if 10% of all people would suddenly die;


We do accept if 10% of all wealth suddenly evaporates;

We do accepts that this happens again and again;

We do accept that economist cannot explain to us why it happens when it happens;

We are very patient with our economists.

That's what I call "economic tolerance".

With the new Google Buzz Service for all gmail users, Google violates privacy of e-mails and becomes even more dangerous to free societies. Even sending e-mails to a person's gmail address gets you into the "Google Knows You Circle" (GKYC). Read more about it in this NYT Article. How long will it take until more people understand that Google is a threat to free societies and serves (unintentionally?) totalitarian systems? Combine Google's database and services with somebody like Joseph McCharty, and you can imagine what will happen to freedom in such a society. Combine Google's Buss with an intelligent software to analyse social networks in the hands of a totalitarian government, and you can imagine how many members of the system's opposition will be in trouble, jail, or killed.

My advice: Avoid Google searches and gmail, and don't send mail to anybody with a gmail address unless you really have to. If you have a gmail address, cut your ties to the GKYC (once you are in, you can't get out, though) and find another more respectable supplier.

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2008/05/14: Climate change, water and transportation: A panel interview by ... See more comments on climate change, water and transportation at

Comments on recent news articles:

The article in IHT on biofuels ("Attack on biofuels rises a notch", February 8, 2008) was no news for me.
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See also the commentary by Andy Mukherjee on the link between water shortage and bio fuels.

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